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Policy Statements

SNNI's statement regarding the NRC report, December 2008

A National Research Council (NRC) panel recently criticized the federal government stating that it was not doing enough to identify the potential health and environmental risks from engineered nanomaterials and called for a sweeping new effort from individuals in and out of the government to assess them. The report calls for greater investment in research to address nanoEHS.

Strategies and Research Needs for EHS

In 2007, SNNI drafted the following research strategies and needs in response to a call for comment from the National Nanotechnology Initiative. In this document, SNNI outlines five areas regarding environmental, health and safety issues surrounding nanomaterials.

H.R.554 National Nanotechnology Initiative Amendments Act of 2009

The National Nanotechnology Initiative Amendment Acts of 2009 authorizes funding and activities for support of nanotechnology research and development.

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