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SNNI Conference Series

17th ACS Green Chemistry and Engineering Conference

SNNI Director, Jim Hutchison will be a keynote speaker at the Green Chemistry & Engineering Conference (GC&E), June 18-20, 2013 in the Washington DC area. 

GN12: Nanoinformatics Tools and Resources Workshop

GN12 will bring together informatics groups with materials scientists and active nanoscience researchers to evaluate and reflect on the tools/resources that have recently emerged in support of predictive nanotechnology. The goals of this workshop are to establish a better understanding of current applications and clearly define immediate and projected informatics infrastructure needs for the nanotechnology community. We will use the theme of nanoEHS to provide real-world, concrete examples on how informatics can be utilized to advance our knowledge and guide nanoscience.

Special Session at SETAC World Congress 2012

SNNI chairs a session at the 6th SETAC World Congress. This session explored strategies to develop safer nanomaterials and nanomanufacturing methods, offer guidance to policy makers and provide tools for industry in adoption of cleaner production methods.

GN11: Advancing Applications and Reducing Risk

"NanoEHS" and "green chemistry" have become staples in nearly every undertaking or conversation involving nanotechnology.  Is this change in mindset helping the community make progress in designing greener materials and processes, and supporting effective policy?  Is the promise of nanomaterials innovation for energy, security, medicine, and for resource conservation and environmental protection being advanced or slowed down by all of this attention?  It appears that, although many have embraced the principles of green chemistry and recognize the need for sound science to inform policy,

GN10: Reducing principles to practice, 16-18 June 2010, Portland, OR

SNNI's 5th annual conference was a great success! Held at the Historic White Stag Building, we featured the latest developments in the design and production of greener nanomaterials and the reduction of principles to practice. We discussed and debated how to move the technology forward while developing environmentally sound products and processes. We focused on a few critical developments that could determine whether the U.S. will be a leader or a follower in this critical field.

GN09: Greener Nanomaterials Design and Production

SNNI's 4th annual conference focused on cutting edge research in greener nanomaterials design and production and brought together academics, industrialists and policymakers to discuss approaches to developing economically viable, environmentally benign methods to advance nanotechnology.

Greener Nano 2008 (GN08): Nanoscience for a sustainable future

As nanotechnology advances, many questions arise regarding putative effects of nascent nanomaterials on the environment and health. How do we make the right decisions in the face of these uncertainties? This conference focuses on cutting edge research in sustainable nanomaterials design, the latest developments in nanoscience and nanotechnology, and potential biological impacts of nanomaterials. SNNI faculty will also present their latest research advances in developing greener nanomaterials and nanomanufacturing processes.

Safer Nano 2007 Event: March 12-13, Eugene, OR

This year's conference focused on educating stakeholders on the benefits of using a proactive approach to developing responsible nanotechnologies. The second day of the conference concluded with our technical session describing research progress of the Safer Nanomaterials and Nanomanufacturing Initiative in designing environmentally benign nanomaterials. In addition to our technical session, we sponsored a free public forum on nanotechnology on Monday evening.

Safer Nano 2006 Event: Oregon Graduate Institute, Portland, OR, March 6-7, 2006

What is being done to ensure that the promise of nanotechnology, especially the manufacture and handling of nanomaterials, will be realized in a safe and cost effective manner? Leading researchers and industry practitioners addressed these issues in a two day symposia.

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