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SNNI and CAMCOR to analyze middle school student's samples


Update from Anirudh's dad on 9/9/11:

Anirudh is one of the 30 national finalists in inaugural Broadcom science fair out of 1,500 applicants nominated from amongst the winners of regional science fairs across the nation. He will be competing for a top prize of $25,000 in an all-expenses paid trip to Washington DC in September. Read more from his school press release here.

ONAMI received an interesting request from a 7th grader, Mr. Anirudh Jain last week. In his voicemail (click here for message), he explains that he made silver nanoparticles for a water filtration device and would like help characterizing his silver nanoparticles using a transmisson electron micrscope. We were so impressed with his articulate and respectful request for assistance that we've agreed to help him analyze his samples for his science fair project. Mr. Jain's father tells us that he researched, developed and created this project on his own.

Engineering student

Mr. Jain will be participating in the middle school section of Intel Northwest Science Expo (ISEF) in the Engineering category. This is the regional final of the ISEF and will be held at Portland State University on April 1, 2011. A maximum of 18 projects are represented per school from schools around the Northwest and his project is one of the 17 selected to represent his school.

His father tells us that as a 6th grader last year, he won 1st place in the engineering category of the same fair (from amongst 58 projects) in 2010 for his project which created a germ-eliminating trashcan using ultraviolet-C light source; a project he created on his own.

Mr. Jain will collaborate with Jim Hutchison's laboratory and Sujing Xie, the Director of CAMCOR's High Resolution and Analytical Facility to have his nanoparticles analyzed for his project.

His father gave us permission to post the voicemail message (edited for content).   Click link to message.

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