Green Nano Roadmap

Strategies for developing greener, safer nanomaterials

CoverSNNI, ONAMI and the American Chemical Society's Green Chemistry Institute (ACS GCI) published "Green Nanotechnology Challenges and Opportunities" which is a roadmap that outlines strategies to developing greener, safer nanomaterials by incorporating the principles of green chemistry. 

The authors of the study are Kira Matus (London School of Economics), Jim Hutchison (director of SNNI and the Lokey-Harrington Chair in Chemistry at UO), Skip Rung (CEO of ONAMI), Robert Tanguay (professor of molecular toxicology at Oregon State University and SNNI Research Thrust Project Leader), and Robert Peoples (director of the ACS GCI).

The report promotes the design of high performance, yet inherently safer nanomaterials by merging the green chemistry priniciples with nanoscience to reduce the production of hazardous substances and eliminate waste. SNNI's director first outlined this strategy nearly a decade  ago in a Chemical Engineering News article, "Nanoscience Turns Green", March 26, 2001, v 76, n 13.

This report emerged from SNNI's Fifth Annual Conference, GN10 and the ACS GCI's first annual summit in the fields of green chemistry and green engineering. GN10 attracted more than 120 representatives from academia, industry, non-governmental and governmental agencies. GN10 and the sixth annual Greener Nano 2011 conference, focused heavily on how to put the principles of green chemistry into commercialization. 

The document is available for free at this link.

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