Research Awards

Thrust Group 3 spins off a Phase II NFI CCI (9/2011): Center for Sustainable Materials Chemistry


Chih-Hung Chang and Wei Wang.  Invention Disclosure “Solution-based process for making inorganic materials” was just awarded US Patent 8,236,599 (Aug 07, 2012).

David M. Browning, James R. Curtis, Goran Jovanovic, Brian Kevin Paul, and Sundar Atre. US Patent 8,128,822, “MECS Dialyzer” (March 06, 2012).

Goran Jovanovic, Sundar V. Atre, Brian Kevin Paul, John Simonsen, Vincent Thomas Remcho, and Chih-Hung Chang. US Patent 8,37,544, “MICROFLUIDIC DEVICES, PARTICULARLY FILTRATION DEVICES COMPRISING POLYMERIC MEMBRANES” (March 20, 2012).

Greg Herman, Peter Mardilovich, Chinmay Betrabet, Chih-hung Chang, Yu-jen Chang, Doo-Hyoung Lee, and Mark W. Hoskins.  US Patent 8,143,616 “Making A Structure” (March 27, 2012).

Faculty Awards

Student Awards

  • Rick Glover won best poster in the Environmental exposures/Green Nano poster session at the Environmental Nanotechnology Gordon Research in 2011 (Advisor: Jim Hutchison, UO)
  • Lisa Truong won a Ruth Kirschstein National Research Service Award (NRSA); funded for 3 years by NIEHS at $33,000 a year (Advisor: Robert Tanguay, OSU)
  • Lallie McKenzie, Department of Chemistry, UO won the 2008 Kenneth G. Hancock Memorial Award for green chemistry, becoming the second national winner from Jim Hutchison's green chemistry/nanotechnology laboratory (Advisor: Jim Hutchison, UO)
  • Clayton Jefferies, Department of Chemical Engineering, OSU won best paper award. "Two-stage bioreactor culture of the pennate diatom Pinnularia for the fabrication of a TiO2-based solar cell. 22nd Northwest Algal Symposium, U. Oregon Institute of Marine Biology, Charleston, OR, April 5th, 2008 (Advisor: Greg Rorrer, OSU)

Spin-off companies

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