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A Fresh Look at Nanomaterials

In a recent interview with Research Media, LTD, Dr Robert Tanguay provided an insight into his work with SNNI on identifying hazards and risks of nanomaterials; research that has the potential to improve and protect human and environmental health. In the interview, he describes how we:

  • have developed the embryonic zebrafish assay as a rapid sensitive platform to identify whether chemicals or nanomaterials have the potential to adversely interact with biological targets,
  • have developed a collaborative knowledgebase of Nanomaterial-Biological Interactions (NBI) that is used to organize and warehouse data produced from SNNI research
  • collect data and information on the physical and chemical properties of nanomaterials (eg. purity, electronic and photonic properties, size, shape, charge, composition, functionalisation, agglomeration state, etc.),how they are synthesised, their fate and transport in the environment, how they interact with and potentially alter living systems (ie. beneficial, benign or deleterious) and at multiple levels of biological organisation (eg. molecular, cellular, or organismal).

Collaborations throughout SNNI provide an excellent opportunity to merge the principles of green chemistry and nanomaterial design with high throughput sensitive in vivo biological testing to identify basic nanomaterial properties that are required to produce given biological responses.

Read more from the article: A Fresh Look at Nanomaterials, “International Innovation (Healthcare 2011 – Issue 2, Research Media, UK)”

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