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SNNI receives support for a sixth year

SNNI receives funding support for its sixth year. Since its inception, SNNI has received approximately $15M to support seed funding for innovative, high risk/high pay-off proposals to researchers and faculty as UO, OSU, PSU and PNNL. As a result of this support, researchers under SNNI have been awarded >$30M in individual project investigator and collaborative grants and published more than 100 peer-reviewed papers.

SNNI's paramount success to date can be attributed to it's strategic plan in this regard and to its mission to create high-performance yet inherently safer nanomaterials and nanomanufacturing methods. As SNNI enters its sixth year of formal support, we continue to strengthen and focus the three research thrust groups of the initiative. We look forward to another exciting year.

Follow our progress in the coming year at and Twitter.


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