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Dr. Galya Orr is recognized for science education efforts

At a May 6th ceremony, EMSL’s Galya Orr was recognized as a DOE Outstanding Mentor and as a nominee for the Fitzner-Eberhardt award. Theva Thevuthasan received the 2010 Fitzner-Eberhardt Laboratory Director’s Award for Outstanding Contributions to Science and Engineering Education.

"I'm incredibly proud of Theva and am glad to see all of his contributions recognized with the Fitzner-Eberhardt Award," said EMSL Director Allison A. Campbell. “He works tirelessly to share his enthusiasm and knowledge of science to people at all points in their education. And Galya’s recognition in both categories speaks to her dedication and effectiveness in mentoring others."

“These awards are an honor for Theva and Galya, and by extension, to our many other staff members who volunteer their time and effort to make a difference in science.”

For more information, check out PNNL News.

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