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Growin Green Chemistry in Oregon

Growing Green Chemistry in Oregon, June 30, 1010, 9 am to 12 pm, UO White Stag Building, Portland, OR

The Oregon Environmental Council is hosting an event to highlight green chemistry in Oregon.  Paul Anastas (EPA), Jim Hutchison (UO and SNNI's director) and John Frazier (Nike) are slated to give presentations.

Oregon businesses, large and small, are earning a reputation for integrating sustainability into their operations. Green chemistry can help organizations reduce risk and create competitive advantages. Developing greener chemicals, materials, products and processes will help ensure that human health, a sustainable environment and a thriving economy endure. Oregon is poised to lead the country in developing and applying green chemistry solutions. The state's commitment to sustainability and concentration of pioneering business leaders and world class researchers create fertile ground for innovation.

How can green chemistry be a boon for profits, people and the planet? What opportunities can Oregon businesses and universities seize to lead the way? OEC has assembled a panel of visionary leaders from government, academia and industry to explore these questions. "Growing Green Chemistry in Oregon" is part of OEC's commitment to facilitating strategic partnerships that address today's environmental challenges and prepare for those of tomorrow.

The forum will feature:

  • Paul Anastas, Assistant Administrator of the Office of Research and Development at the U.S. EPA, will provide opening remarks and the national context for developing greener products and processes in different business sectors.

  • Jim Hutchison, the Lokey-Harrington Chair in Pure and Applied Chemistry at the University of Oregon, will give the lay of the land in Oregon and discuss the Oregon advantage÷where Oregon's expertise and opportunity lie and why green chemistry is important to Oregon and our economy.

  • John Frazier, Director of Product Chemistry, Apparel Sustainability at Nike, Inc., will share the Nike story-the innovative steps the company has taken to implement green chemistry and how other companies might address the issue.

Jim and John serve on the Oregon Green Chemistry Advisory Group recently convened by OEC to develop a strategic approach to advance green chemistry in Oregon. They will share some of the Advisory Group's key recommendations and engage the audience in a robust discussion of how to make Oregon a green chemistry leader.

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