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Dr. Harper awarded subcontract with CaBIG(r)

Dr. Stacey Harper was awarded a subcontract as a subject matter expert for the caBIG(r) Integrative Cancer Research Workspace (ICR) Nanotechnology Working Group. The caBIG(r) Integrative Cancer Research Workspace (ICR) provides tools and systems to enable integration, sharing and analysis of molecular information between and within cancer research organizations.

The mission of caBIG(r) is to develop a truly collaborative information network that accelerates the discovery of new approaches for the detection, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of cancer, ultimately improving patient outcomes.

The caBIG Integrative Cancer Research (ICR) Nanotechnology Working Group (Nano WG) is chartered to help realize the potential of caBIG infrastructure to integrate nanotechnology information and tools to aid discovery and clinical translation in the cancer research community.

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