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Media Highlights important research in two SNNI labs this summer

The media featured two SNNI research laboratory this summer. PNNL's Biological Sciences division featured Dr. Galya Orr's research on single-molecule microscopy and nanoparticle engineering and the Science Channel's Brink series featured Dr. Greg Rorrer's (OSU) research on the use of diatoms in solar energy applications.

Dr. Galya's Orr's (PNNL) research was highlighted on PNNL's Biological Sciences Division Highlights Page

Nanotoxicology Research Gives Clues to Impact of Inhaling Particles

Abstract: By combining single-molecule microscopy and nanoparticle engineering, scientists at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory showed how nano-sized particles interact with lung cells. Their results, which were published in a recent cover article in Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology, provide insights about the mechanisms underlying of inhaled nanomaterials.

Dr. Greg Rorrer's (OSU) research was featured on the Science Channel, Brink TV Series, episode 23, broadcast on August, 3, 2009.

Sustainable Tech - Brink takes a look at innovative sustainable living ideas; architect Sheila Kennedy on textiles that take the sun’s energy and turn it into electricity; Brink Contributor and energy expert Dwight Williams on the use of diatoms in solar energy and the future of solar energy.

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