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Lewis Intergrative Science Building is open for business


The Lewis Integrative Science Building (LISB) is part of the UO's Lorry I. Lokey Science Complex. The Lewis Building is a 103,000-square-foot facility that literally unites the sciences by connecting the adjacent Lokey Laboratories, Huestis Hall, Streisinger Hall and Klamath Hall science buildings. Primary research spaces and labs in the Lewis Building can be accessed by faculty and students to study everything from colonies of cells to communities of people. An MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) and other shared high-performance tools and technologies are available both to researchers on campus and partners from the private sector. An atrium with stadium seating provides a place for faculty and students to congregate, and glass walls and doors put scientific instruments on display. A three-story whiteboard invites participation and encourages open thinking and cross-pollination. The open layout of the labs and spaces feeds a collaborative approach that defines integrative science.  Read more on the UO Communications page.

This video on the new Robert and Beverly Lewis Integrative Science Building at the University of Oregon was played during the University of Oregon football game against the University of Colorado Buffaloes on Oct. 27, 2012.

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