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Keynote seminar, 17 July 2012

Invitation to attend a keynote seminar

"Toxicology, Green Chemistry and the Organic Chemistry Curriculum"
Professor Adelina Voutchkova
George Washington University

7 pm, July 17, 2012
331 Klamath Hall

If you have interests in green chemistry, toxicology or molecular design for reduced hazard, don't miss this keynote lecture that is being held in conjunction with the Green Chemistry in Education Workshop.  It is open to the campus community and the public. 

The presentation will be given by Professor Adelina Voutchkova, an expert in molecular design for reduced hazard (see publications listed below). Dr. Voutchkova will discuss her pioneering work in molecular design, describe how she has been infusing this into the undergraduate organic chemistry lecture course and offer some advice on how to infuse toxicology and molecular design into mainstream courses.

  • Voutchkova, A. M.; Kostal, J.; K., C.; Brooks, B. W.; Zimmerman, B.; Anastas, P.,"Rational Molecular Design for Reduced Chronic Aquatic Toxicity Green Chemistry " Green Chemistry  2012 14, 1001-1008.
  • Voutchkova, A. M.; Kostal, J.; Steinfeld, J. B.; Emerson, J. W.; Brooks, B. W.; Anastas, P.; Zimmerman, B., "Towards rational molecular design: derivation of property guidelines for reduced acute aquatic toxicity." Green Chemistry 2011, 13(9): 2373-2379.
  • Voutchkova, A. M., T. G. Osimitz, Anastas, P. "Toward a Comprehensive Molecular Design Framework for Reduced Hazard." Chemical Reviews  2010, 110(10): 5845-5882.
  • Voutchkova, A. M.; Ferris, L. A.; Zimmerman, J. B.; Anastas, P. T., "Toward molecular design for hazard reduction-fundamental relationships between chemical properties and toxicity." Tetrahedron 2010, 66(5): 1031-1039.


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