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Greg Rorrer featured in National Geographic

Dr. Greg Rorrer, an SNNI researcher uses diatoms to harness solar energy was featured in the November 2011 issue of National Geographic's Vision, Now, Next series

"The secret to greener, more efficient solar energy? It may lie in the shell of a single-celled, 100-million-year-old life form called a diatom. Best known as the ubiquitous algae at the base of aquatic food chains, diatoms have intricate shells—covered with a lattice of pores for optimal light capture—that are winning the attention of nanotechnologists. Chemical engineer Greg Rorrer is growing diatoms with semiconducting materials infused into their skeletons. Pumped into solar cells, they create a powerhouse unit that's 50 percent more efficient. Not bad for an old phytoplankton." —Gretchen Parker

Link to the National Geographic article

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