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Center for Sustainable Materials Chemistry Kickoff event

Center for Sustainable Materials Chemistry (CSMC) Kickoff Event

The CSMC, a $20M National Science Foundation Center for Chemical Innovation, invites the regional community to its launch on October 24th and 25th in the Construction and Engineering Hall of the LaSells Stewart Center. 

Learn about Center outreach, education, research, and commercialization activities and participate in discussions with leading industrial technology innovators. 

Douglas Kezler, Dave Johnson, Darren Johnson

Program Agenda
Monday, 24 October 2011

8:00      Coffee / breakfast / registration

9:00      Welcome/Opening remarks
             Rick Spinrad, VP Research, OSU
             Sam Angelos, VP TDO, Hewlett Packard
             Center Programs
             Doug Keszler, OSU
10:00    Education and Broadening Participation
             Chris Knutson, UO
             Chris Larson, UO
             Dave Johnson, UO
10:45    Break
11:00    Outreach
             Darren Johnson, UO
11:30    Innovation  
             Judy Giordan, Nat. Collegiate Inventors and Innovators Alliance (NCIIA)
             Skip Rung, ONAMI
12:00   Lunch
1:00     Panel 1: Semiconductor
 Moderator: Skip Rung (ONAMI)

            Willy Rachmady, Intel
            Kaushal K Singh, Applied Materials
            Adrien LaVoie, Novellus
            Celia Merzbacher, Semiconductor Research Corporation
2:00    Panel 2: Electronic/Electro-optical films
           Moderator: Joseph Steig (NCIIA)
           John Hartzell, Sharp Labs of America
           Darwin Enicks, Corning
           Jeff Duce, Boeing
3:00   Break
3:30    Panel 3: Functional Materials& Coatings
           Moderator: Judy Giordan (NCIIA)
           Nicci Abueg, Aurora-Jean Consulting
           James Rustad, Corning
           Paul Benning, Hewlett Packard
          Shashi Jasty, Sigma Aldrich
4:30   Meeting Adjourns.  

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

8:00      Coffee / breakfast / registration
             Science Presentations
8:30      Anna Oliveri, UO
8:50      Bill Casey, University of California, Davis
9:10      Sophia Hayes, Washington University
9:30      Alan Telecky, OSU
9:50      Shannon Boettcher, UO
10:15    Break
10:30    Wei Wang, OSU
10:50    Ryan Atkins, UO
11:10    Rick Garfunkel, Rutgers University
11:30    John Wager, OSU
12:00   Lunch
            Theory Workshop
1:00     Rigoberto Hernandez, Georgia Tech University
1:30    Li Yang, Washington University
2:00    Aiichiro Anakano, USC
2:30     Break
3:00     James Rustad, Corning
3:30     Mark Asta, UC Berkeley
4:00     Paul Cheong, OSU
4:30     Adjourn

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