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The Center for Sustainable Materials Chemistry

The Center for Sustainable Materials Chemistry is a Phase-II Center for Chemical Innovation sponsored by the National Science Foundation. Collaborative research in materials chemistry is carried out across six academic institutions – Oregon State University (Center headquarters), University of Oregon, Washington University at St Louis, Rutgers University, University of California Davis, and University of California Berkeley. To support its mission, the Center offers several student and professional development opportunities in the areas of education and science outreach. Industry is engaged through sponsored research programs and student internships. The Center offers unique programs to train the next generation of innovators, while also promoting the translation of basic research for societal benefit.

The CSMC is building and studying a sustainable materials chemistry platform for addressing pressing needs in scaling. Semiconductor manufacturers are focused on scaling to ever smaller device structures, while printed and display electronics are focused on scaling performance across very large areas. At the same time, new materials and methods are needed to accelerate the deployment of efficient, very large-area solar energy devices to address global climate change. The CSMC is exploring new solution-based methods for producing very high-quality thin films and patterns as building blocks for these next-generation devices. With its water-based chemistries, the Center has demonstrated leading-edge results in nanocluster synthesis, nanopatterning, integrated device performance, and solar water splitting.

We offer unique opportunities for students and postdocs in research, professional development and career advancement. Check it out!

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