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Blue pigment makes headlines again, this time as a patent

Mas Subramanian's cool blue pigment that we first reported here has been found to have unusual characteristics in reflecting heat. It’s a “cool blue” compound that could become important in new approaches to saving energy in buildings. It was discovered by chance as SNNI-OSU scientists were studying some materials for their electrical properties with SNNI funding.

Its potential use to help reduce heat absorption on the roofs and walls of buildings adds a new twist to the material, one that lends commercial applications for greater energy savings.

Mas Subramanian (OSU Professor of Chemistry) states: “This pigment has infrared heat reflectivity of about 40 per cent, which is significantly higher than most blue pigments now being used. The more we discover about the pigment, the more interesting it gets. We already knew it had advantages of being more durable, safe and fairly easy to produce. Now it also appears to be a new candidate for energy efficiency.”

The compound has received patent approval and OSU is looking for licensing partners. The invention has great potential for contributing to global energy efficent solutions.

Source:  Popular Mechanics article

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