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Sunday May 1

The critical importance of nanotechnology to national and regional economies - Skip Rung

Greener nanomaterials: Design, production and analysis - Jim Hutchison

Using biological assays to determine nanomaterial 'greenness' - Robert Tanguay

Responsible manufacturing processes: Good for business and the customer - Timothy Carter

Opening Keynote Session - Stan Williams


Monday, May 2

Opening Session: Ovierview of Green Nanotechnology

Delivering business value with sustainability - Judy Glazer

The Safer Nanomaterials and Nanomanufacturing Initiative: Advancing applications and reducing implications of nanotechnology - Jim Hutchison

High content evluations of the nano/bio interface: a path to greener nanomaterials - Robert Tanguay

Safer nanotechnology through design: can we EVER correlate nanoscale material properties with macroscopic environmental behavior and effects? - Greg Lowry

Session I: Precision-engineered nanoparticles and characterization in complex environments

Nanomaterials surfaces, analysis and behavior in complex biological systems - David Grainger

Synthesis and surface modification of transition metal nanoparticles for catalytic and biomedical applications - Shouheng Sun

Rapid-Fire Presentations

Surface functionalized nanomaterials for environmentally relevant applications - Marvin Warner

A robot called WANDA: precision engineering and high-throughput screening of nanoscale materials - Emory Chan

Tuning properties of lead sulfide nanocrystals via post-synthetic exchange reactions - Ian Moody

Observing environmental transformation to silver nanoparticles using a novel characterization platform - Rick Glover

Tuesday, May 3

Session II: Advances and challenges in exploring the nano/bio interface

Toxicity of nanoparticles in in vitro models based on their physicochemical properties - Saber Hussain

Use of ToxCase assays for bioactivity profiling of engineered nanomaterials - Keith Houck

Rapid-Fire Presentations

The influence of divalent cations and Suwannee River Humic Acids on silver ions and silver nanoparticle toxicity on the ammonia oxidizing bacterium, Nitrosomonas europaea - Tyler Radniecki

Multi-model toxicology and biohazard assessment of nanomaterials and their enabled products - Navin Kumar Verma

Media ionic strength impacts embroyonic responses to engineered nanoparticle exposure - Lisa Truong

Using genetic approaches to understand nannoparticle toxicity - Terrance Kavanagh

Advancing Applications Panel Discussion: What's needed to advance green nanotechnology in corporate America?

Advancing greener nanotechnology: An EPA perspective - Jeff Morris

DTSC's nanotechnology initiative - update - Hamid Saebfar

Corporate accountability and the use of nanotechnology in the solar industry - Sheila Davis

Advancing greener industrial applications of nanotechnology: product stewardship - a key to responsible development of products - David Warheit

Delivering green nanotechnology with quantum dots - Seth Co-Sullivan

Green nanotechnology and the impact on emerging technologies - Sam Angelos

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