GN10 Speakers' Presentations

GN10: reducing principles to practice

The Program booklet contains the agenda, speakers bios and poster abstracts. Click the link on the presenter's name to access a pdf version of their slides.      Conference page

GN101 Workshop

Skip Rung

James Hutchison

Lallie McKenzie

John Miller

Richard Denison

Scott Butner

Technical Sessions

John Busbee, Conference Keynote

Jim Hutchison, Director's opening comments

Session I: Meeting Characterization Challenges to Support Greener Nanomaterials and Nanomanufacturing

Keynote Presentations

Debra Kaiser

Scott McNeil

Rapid-Fire Speakers

Erik Richman

Robert MacCuspie

Michael Jespersen

Donald Baer

Session II: Nanotechnology Innovation and Governance: Moving from "Natural Enemies" to "Partners for Nature"

Keynote Presentations

Travis Earles

Richard Denison

Rapid-Fire Speakers

Justin Teeguarden

Stacey Harper

Jay Lingquist

Brian King

David Adelman

Session III: Advancing Greener Nanomanufacturing: Additive Processes and Greener Nanomaterial Production

Keynote Presentations

John Rogers

Bryan Monroe

Rapid-Fire Speakers

Kannan Krishnan

John Conley

Sam Lohse

Matt Beekman

Paul Schuele



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